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Stomach Ache and School Anxiety healed

By Omid – Sunday School student in Austin TX.

About 2 weeks ago my stomach started to hurt. It was a very intense feeling and didn’t allow me to do anything. That weekend that it happened was super important to me because finals was that week. The whole entire Sunday I didn’t study anything because I could barely move without my stomach hurting.
My mom convinced me to call a practitioner and get help. So I called a practitioner that is very close to me and she helped me understand what might be making me feel this way. I told her everything that was happening to me and one of them was that if I didn’t pass my Language Arts final I would go to summer school or get HELD BACK!!!
She helped me know that I was in God’s hands and that God didn’t make mistakes and bad grades.  After that, I told myself not to worry and to just do your best.  My stomach stopped hurting me. That week not only did I pass my Language Arts class, I got amazing grades on all my other finals.
Thank you so much for reading this and helping me express my gratitude for Christian Science. 

Texas wildfires & Prayer: Metaphysical Inspiration

There will be a metaphysical talk tonight from 8-8:30 by conference call.  Several Christian Science practitioners will lead the talk with their inspiration on the topic.  Please join us.

You can join this conference by calling (201) 793-9022 and use conference room number 4258728#. Or you can join via Skype by dialing +99008270442258728.

In the meantime, here’s an inspiring testimony by Karenlee Mannerino about wildfires and prayer from spirituality.com:

After waking up to yet another day of heat, falling ash, and semi-darkness (the sun’s rays were blocked by smoke), I felt the need to pray some more about the wildfires here in Northern California. So instead of giving my mental consent to the idea that destructive forces in nature were running out of control, I turned to God for a shift in perspective. From recent experience, I knew that prayer could make a difference when praying about wildfires. More on that later.

I began by taking a look at a Bible story involving the prophet Elijah. He was hiding in a cave and in great distress after running from Jezebel’s anger. In obedience, he followed God’s command to: “Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord….” First, “the Lord passed by.” Then a “great and strong wind” followed. And right on the heels of that, a fire. (Destruction trying to “bite the heel” of divine Truth). But each time, “the Lord was not in” the chaos.

After the fire came, “a still small voice.”

I saw giant red smoke fill the sky. Here, God was showing Elijah that right where evil seemed to be, God was already present, and what was left after all the turmoil was ” a sound of sheer silence” (New Revised Standard Bible, I Kings 19:12).  Read the entire article here.