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Shimmy’s Psalm 23

by Linda Hosseinmardi

The Lord is my master and takes care of all of my needs.
She sets the sunshine to beam onto warm comfy places where I can take my doggie naps. These beams relax me.
She assures that I always have refreshing water to drink and play in.
She tells me how happy she is with me which makes my tail wag with delight.
She takes me on walks that she knows makes me happy.
When I’m scared, she is always there to assure me of my safety.
She warns me of trouble and gives me commands that keep me safe.
When others may think unkindly of me, she oozes joyful praises and touches me lovingly.
She fills my doggie bowls daily and feeds me treats. Oh how I love treats.
She is always with me and I can trust in her care for eternity.
She is my only master and I am her faithful and loyal friend.

Shimmy lives with her family in Austin TX where she likes to share her colorful ideas.

Safe at School

By Larissa R.

One regular Friday, I went to school as usual. I went to my science class, and then my math class. I was in the middle of taking a math test, when the intercom went on, I heard the principal say “We are going on lockdown, this is not a drill.” Lockdown is when the school shuts down and no one gets out or in because a threatening person is in the school. There is a high school right next to us, so the high school went in lockdown too.

When I first heard this, I was confused and shocked. I had no idea what was going on. The teacher told us to get into a spot where we couldn’t be seen, and she turned off the classroom lights, shut and locked the door, and covered and closed all the windows, and she told us to stay quiet and that we could whisper. We all gathered to the corner of the classroom and sat there for a while. I was terrified, because I had no idea who was in the school, and what that person had or wanted to do. I started shaking because I was so scared. Thoughts that I was going to die kept running through my head. And then I thought, “Hey stop, God is with me.”

Many kids in my class had their phones with them, and were texting their parents and friends that were in other classrooms. I learned that there was a man with a handgun and a box. I felt panic run through me. I reminded myself what I had thought earlier, that God is with me, and he never left, and he never will. I also thought to myself, that we are all in God’s kingdom, and since we are in God’s kingdom, we are always safe. I also thought that the man who had the weapon cannot harm us since he is perfect too. All of a sudden, my nervousness stopped. And I calmed down instantly. I was actually surprised of how calm I was. I then knew that all of us would get out of the school unharmed, and untouched. I got a book and read, and did my homework, and the kids in my class listened to music and just relaxed. We were all calm. The lockdown lasted 4 hours. Then we were able to call our parents and leave. Everyone left without getting hurt. And I am very grateful for that. And I am grateful for the understanding that Christian Science has given me.

Larissa R. loves turning to God for help when there’s trouble.  She attends Junior High in Austin TX enjoys acting, singing and dancing – when not doing homework.