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2014 Sunday School Summer Reading Challenge!

The Sunday School Summer Reading Program was created to encourage students to learn more about Mary Baker Eddy and her writings, the Bible and Christian Science.  Students select a book to read from a list created from our Sunday School library or the Reading Room Lending Library, then write a short paragraph about what they liked about the book (younger students draw a picture). When they turn those in to the Superintendent, they receive a gift card for a frozen treat donated by Dairy Queen and Sonic.

Why not see how many you can read this summer!

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Bible Lesson Art: Christian Science

By Marjory Hawkins

0624-30 Christian Science

About the Weekly Lesson Art:
As a Sunday School teacher, each week I pray about interesting ways to
present the stories and ideas in the Weekly Bible Lesson. The idea to make
art out of selected citations from the Bible lesson came to me recently as I
was thinking about teaching the 5th-6th grade class. I wasn’t sure if any of
them were reading the lesson on a regular basis, and thought if they could
learn to love and appreciate individual citations, they might be more
inclined to study  and love the entire lesson. The idea is to provide them
with a template each week on drawing paper that they can paint (watercolor)
and then fill in with a fine point marker with words, citations, thoughts on
the upcoming week’s lesson. We bring them in the following Sunday to show
what we each did with the page, and talk about what citations were selected
and why….which hopefully promotes a lively conversation about the Bible