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Testimonies of Christian Science Healings

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Knee pain healed

Several years ago I invited my ten-year-old grandson to come along for a visit to Rome. He was at that time already an “expert” on Roman history, so we had to visit every historic site, and the best way to get to know a city is by walking. read

Healed of internal hemorrhaging and tooth pain

More than 20 years ago, I was troubled with a condition of internal pain and hemorrhaging, perhaps much like what the woman in the Bible who had “an issue of blood” might have been experiencing (see Mark 5:25–34). This was not a constant condition, but it would happen frequently, and I was sometimes very fearful. read

God’s healing presence

Several months ago, as I was on a transatlantic flight, I was confronted with severe sinus pressure. The pain was incredibly intense. I had no idea how I was even going to make it through the rest of the flight, even though we were almost there. read

A wonderful start to the holiday


Wart on son’s finger healed

Recently, while sorting through a folder I’d saved of cards, letters, and drawings from my children, I found this note, written by my son in wonderful childlike handwriting, from when he was eight years old: “Dear Mom, thanks for healing my wart and other things we healed by Christian Science. I love you.” read

Freedom from menstrual pain

About a year ago, I woke up and was in so much pain I couldn’t even move. This seemed to be related to my monthly menstrual cycle. Every month, I’d just sort of ignored some discomfort, but this was unbearable, unlike anything I’d experienced before. read

Leg pain healed

One bright winter morning I eagerly bundled up to take a brisk walk through my neighborhood. As I headed out, pain surged through one leg from top to bottom, making me a little unsteady on my feet. read

Foot injury healed quickly

During a morning walk with a neighbor several years ago, one of my feet just seemed to give out. My neighbor carefully helped me up from the ground. A passage in Science and Health immediately came to me. read

Grief healed—‘wrapped up in love’

I’m learning that there is never a void in God’s kingdom. All space is already filled, and every need is met through precious moments of communion with God. We can find peace and healings right in the midst of adversity. read

Back and rib pain healed

Earlier this summer, while concerned with work and personal responsibilities, I found myself trying to ignore a nagging discomfort in the side of my back. What first appeared as an annoying ache morphed into a burning sensation in my rib cage as well. read

Children on psychotropic medicines — spiritual possibilities restore young lives

The 10/27/2010 News 8 Austin headline news included a segment about institutionalized children in the Texas foster care system and how “one in five children in foster care in Texas is on psychotropic medicines for an extended time.”  It’s a sobering statistic.

In an article excerpted from, Linda Bargmann writes about being a new foster mom and caring for a baby boy who was classified at birth with positive toxicology and had a long list of diagnosed and anticipated problems.  She shares how she and her husband turned to God for guidance and healing. “Every morning and evening as I held Eddie and rocked him, I would sing hymns to him from the Christian Science Hymnal. I felt such peace and inspiration from those times, and it helped me see past some of the seemingly unsolvable diagnoses we were continually facing.”  Linda goes on to state that  “within three years, the diagnosed and anticipated conditions we’d been given were healed. The visiting nurse came only a couple of times, and then decided she was no longer needed. The symptoms of drug withdrawal Eddie experienced were quickly gone. He went from being stiff as a board to being cuddly and affectionate.”  Read the entire article here:

Fort Hood Shootings – and the need for prayer

Peace and healing in the aftermath of the Fort Hood tragedy

Excerpt from

The November 5th shootings at Fort Hood in Texas, the worst military on military attack on American soil, have stirred a number of reactions and emotions around the world. Grief for the 13 lives lost and the 42 wounded, anger, and speculation about the alleged gunman’s motivation have left people searching for answers. For ideas about how to pray, listen as Sentinel managing editor Ingrid Peschke speaks with Ginny Luedeman, a Christian Science practitioner and lecturer, who once lived on the Fort Hood base with her husband, a retired military chaplain.  Click on the photo to go to the audio discussion.

Going on Vacation? Here are some travel prayers to take along.

It’s almost the end of summer and folks are taking in their final vacation plans.  Below is a compilation of articles and audio talks that offer uplifting thoughts about safe travel, rest and relaxation, vacations.

The author of a recent article from the Christian Science Monitor, kept several Psalms close at hand when starting on a family road trip. Assuring safe travels, Psalms 191 reads “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.”  Read more

“Travel Safely in God’s Care” is the topic of this hour long audio web chat that dives into a discussion and examples of how prayer can make a difference when traveling.   Listen here

Are you looking for rest during your vacation?  In this article from “It’s Vacation Time – more work or real rest”, the author writes, “During that flight to Orlando, and more than a few times since, I considered what it means to take a break from my daily routine. I began to wonder—the way a child might—if God takes a vacation….”  Read more

You’ll find numerous inspiring articles and testimonies of healing related to vacations and travel at

From desperation to joy

It’s amazing how a change of thought alone can change one’s circumstances.  I was helping a friend last week who was having a pounding bad headache all day and had missed work because of it. He couldn’t stop talking about the pain.  We decided right there and then to turn out thoughts away from the pain and consider what God had to say about his head.  Together, we reasoned that since divine Love [God] had made him in Love’s image and likeness and that God declared all that he had made to be good (Genesis 1), then my friend could claim all of that inherent goodness right now. His true state of health was based on God as Spirit and Good.  His well being is dependent on God, not a material head. We were both so inspired at that moment, and the headache immediately left. My friend enjoyed the rest of his evening filled with family activities.  What changed?  It was thought alone – gaining a better understanding of his natural and permanent spiritual qualities healed him.