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Veterans Day – love of country and faithful service

veterans dayBy Steve Warren

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, spoke out strongly against war as a means of settling international grievances, advocating instead that such grievances must be settled through fair and wise arbitration.  And yet she went on to state in her writings entitled Miscellany, “It is unquestionable, however, that at this hour the armament of navies is necessary, for the purpose of preventing war and preserving peace among nations.”  (p. 286)

On this November Veterans Day all citizens of theseUnited Statesshould pause to remember and give thanks that throughout our history many Americans have been willing to step forward, put on the uniform of our armed services, and place themselves in harm’s way to guard and defend the liberties that we so casually enjoy.  While many nations across this globe still struggle under the tyranny of oppression, this country enjoys a host of freedoms for which men and women have so often paid so fully with their lives.  That free citizens continue to come forward voluntarily and put on the uniform is testament to the integrity of the American character that impels a man or woman to fight and die for such an abstract cause as liberty.  That integrity of character is vital, for from it emerges the desire to serve others.  Lose that desire and the true strength of our country will be sapped.  Weapons, ships, missiles, bombs, and all the colossal manufacturing power of the war machine will not defeat an enemy if no American is willing to step forward to defend our way of life.  Thank God we have such men and women willing to render their service.

Mary Baker Eddy states on page 40 of her work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “It is sad that the phrase divine service has come so generally to mean public worship instead of daily deeds.”  In this sentence she plays on the words “divine service” while making a poignant point.  In her first sense “divine service” refers to the typical public Sunday observance held inside a building perhaps with a preacher delivering a sermon and performing rituals of religious significance for a congregation.  But in her second use, the words “divine service” refer to daily actions.  Many people in our society perform daily acts of divine service without ever entering a church building, and clearly, the men and women who daily put on the uniform perform that “divine service” of which Mrs. Eddy speaks.

In her book Prose Works, Mrs. Eddy states, “In your peaceful homes remember our brave soldiers, whether in camp or in battle. Oh, may their love of country and their faithful service thereof, be unto them life-preservers!”

Steve Warren lives in Austin TX and is a retired U.S. Navy pilot and high school English teacher who now dedicates his time writing.

Spiritual Healing: Mission Possible (Lecture 11/11/12)

Spiritual healing is available to everyone. The Christ that cleansed the lepers, fed the hungry, healed the ill, and raised the dead is among us now and willing to answer all human needs.

Jon Benson, a Christian Science practitioner and public speaker, will explain more about how healing occurs through prayer when he presents a lecture 2:30 p.m., Sunday, November 11, at the First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1309 Guadalupe St., in Austin.

In his talk, “When the Impossible Happens, What Then?”, Benson will place what some people consider to be “impossibilities” under a spiritual microscope to explore how the truths of the Bible and the healing Christ enable people to heal sin, sickness, and other human problems.

A resident of Southern California, Benson is a former U.S. military officer, actor and director, university instructor, and managing director of a non-profit agency working in the developing world. These positions gave him many opportunities to apply the principles of Divine Science in his own life. For the past 20 years, he has been involved in the public practice of Christian Science, helping others to achieve healings and spiritual progress.

Click on this link to hear what he had to say at a recent lecture about mistaken feelings of “spiritual inferiority” causing many to doubt that they can experience a healing:



Event Proves 137-Year-Old Book Still New to Many -Texas Book Festival Oct 27-28


Mary Baker EddyThe textbook of the Christian Science movement, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, has been working alongside the Bible since 1875 to elucidate the divine principles that lead to healings of sin and disease, as well as many other forms of discord and disharmony. Translated into 17 languages as well as English Braille, Science and Health helps people from around the world to prove for themselves that God indeed “healeth all thy diseases” [Psalm 103:3].

In the 137 years since the first publication of Science and Health, readers of this book have testified of literally millions of healings of cancers, genetic illnesses, infectious diseases, injuries, addictions, mental illnesses, destructive relationships, threatening situations, joblessness, financial instability, and other problems. Science and Health “reproduces the teachings of Jesus, whose philosophy is incontestable, bears the strains of time, and brings in the glories of eternity; . . .” according to Mary Baker Eddy [No and Yes, page 21].

Science & Health Pull QuoteChristian Science Reading Rooms have a mission to make the book readily available for sale to the public, which is prompting the Christian Science churches of the Austin area to participate once again in the Texas Book Festival on the grounds of the State Capitol. Booth hours will be 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 27, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 28. This year, the booth will sell only Science and Health. Copies in English and several other languages will be available.

About 40,000 visitors are expected at the festival, now in its 17th year. (Austin-area Christian Science churches have been participating since the first event in 1995.) In addition to the sale or distribution of works by 250 authors—including nationally known journalists and political figures, popular celebrities, and Texas literary successes–the  festival offers live music events, book discussions, author signings, and tours of the capitol complex. More information about the free event is available at


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Presidential Proclamation — Thanksgiving Day, 2011


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One of our Nation’s oldest and most cherished traditions, Thanksgiving Day brings us closer to our loved ones and invites us to reflect on the blessings that enrich our lives.  The observance recalls the celebration of an autumn harvest centuries ago, when the Wampanoag tribe joined the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony to share in the fruits of a bountiful season.  The feast honored the Wampanoag for generously extending their knowledge of local game and agriculture to the Pilgrims, and today we renew our gratitude to all American Indians and Alaska Natives.  We take this time to remember the ways that the First Americans have enriched our Nation’s heritage, from their generosity centuries ago to the everyday contributions they make to all facets of American life.  As we come together with friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate, let us set aside our daily concerns and give thanks for the providence bestowed upon us.  Read More. 

Thanksgiving Day Celebration – Nov 24

We hold a special Thanksgiving Day Service on Thanksgiving day each year. There is a special Bible lesson provided for this service, and all in the community are invited to attend.

At this service there is a special time for the congregation to share their gratitude. The service also includes the reading of the Thanksgiving Proclamation of the President of the United States. In other respects the service is similar to our Sunday service, but there is no collection taken.  Children are welcome to join their family in this joyous and special occasion. Child Care is provided for those too young to attend the service.


First Church (Downtown) 1309 Guadalupe at 14th – 11am
Third Church (Lakeway)  – 3575 Ranch Road 620 S, Austin 78738 – 9:30am