New Beginnings – Be a Thermostat not a Thermometer

By Keith Womack 1/3/2012 Houston Chronicle

It was 3:30 in the afternoon. A squirrel rested, unaware he was about to be an afternoon snack for an approaching owl. So, I started my rent car, which startled the squirrel, and he dashed to safety.

My actions saved one, yet, irritated another. Then I wondered about the actions that had landed the young people, I was about to meet, into trouble. What had caused them to act or react?

I was sitting in my rental in the parking lot of a baseball field near the Barbara Culver Juvenile Detention Center in Midland, Texas. I had arrived early and decided to take thirty minutes to collect my thoughts, a little spiritual reasoning….

I began to speak, trying to look past the orange. I told them about myself. Then I was lead to challenge them. I challenged them to be a thermostat, not a thermometer. A thermometer just rises or falls according to what is happening around it. However, a thermostat, on the other hand, regulates.

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Keith Womack is the Media spokesperson and legislative advocate for Christian Science in Texas. He is also a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, as well as husband, step-dad, and musician. Keith lives in Corpus Christ TX.

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