A Christmas pilgrimage…2000 years later

By Inge Schmidt at Time4Thinkers.com

Presents wrapped? Check!
Suitcases packed? Check!
Gas in the car? Check!
Work emails sent? Check!
Schoolwork done? Check…mostly…good enough!

The to-do list was cleared off, and I was ready to go. The next morning, my husband and I were leaving to drive from Massachusetts to Virginia to spend Christmas with my family. I couldn’t have been more excited. It had been a long semester; I had been working hard; and I was ready for a Christmas vacation filled with a whole lot of family and a whole lot of laughter. The only problem? Those flu symptoms that I had been half-heartedly praying about weren’t really getting any better. In fact, as I got ready for bed, I felt downright lousy….

Would we have to delay our trip? Would I feel miserable for Christmas? If Mary could make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, nine months pregnant, on a camel, couldn’t I make an 8-hour trip to Virginia, very much notpregnant, in a Honda Civic?  Click to read the entire article.


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