Bible Camp – Kid’s performance Friday Aug 6 @ 11:30am

Christian Science Summer 2010 Bible Camp is proud to present “The Parables”, a play based on Jesus’ parables and preformed by the children. It is the culmination of our study for the week. Please join us at 11:30 a.m. on Friday August 6, at Third Church of Christ, Scientist at 3575 Ranch Road 620 South, Austin TX 78738 (Lakeway). There is plenty of free parking and a pizza party following the show.

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  1. This week has been great so far! We have been talking about The Lord’s Prayer in conjunction with some of Jesus’ parables. We have tied in a quality each day to focus on, like faith, grace, forgiveness, and love. Each of the four classes has also been working on putting on a skit of one of the parables, so they have been learning lines, and making props and costumes. The parables are the Mustard Seed, The Sower and the Seed, The Lost Sheep, The Pearl of Great Price, The Hidden Treasure, The Creditor and the Two Debtors, and The Prodigal Son. Our goal is to have the campers leave with a better sense of who they are as God’s child, to have them know the Bible better, and to have fun!

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