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Testimonies of Christian Science Healings

The Positive Health Effects of Prayer

By Russ Gerber, Huffington Post 8/2/11

Did you catch the brief but remarkable story about researchers who have concluded (once again) that more and more Americans are praying about their health? As striking as that is, it’s not the big surprise in the latest study.

Here’s what is: as of 2007 the percent of adults who are praying about their health is now at 49 percent — no kidding, about half of the adult population — up from 43 percent in 2002 and 14 percent in 1999. That’s a lot of prayers.

But what about the results? With all that lofty thinking going on are people actually satisfied with the outcome? Apparently so. The researchers commented in their report that a huge majority reported positive experiences. Read More.





Listen to God!

By Omid H (age 10) from Austin, TX

Yesterday I was riding my bike. An intuition told me to pressure my breaks immediately. I didn’t do anything. But then i heard it again, to put on my brakes. And this time I listened. Just as I put my brakes on, a squirrel ran right in front of my bike. You should listen to intuition because if you don’t, bad things might happen. You might blame God for the bad stuff, but actually God is always telling us what to do that keeps us safe. Even if something bad does happen, you can pray to God and your prayer can act like an unwinding of the problem.

Safe from Terrorism

By Vicki Turpen
Excerpted from and the Christian Science Sentinel 

One day about 25 years ago, while I was watching the news, I saw a report on a terrorist bombing at an international airport. This was just a few days before my daughter, who was 17 years old at the time, was to fly out of that very airport.

I had been praying for my daughter’s safety; however, as I watched the report, I became shocked at the narrowness of my prayers. Even as I felt gratitude that my daughter was not there yet, I felt the chilling nature of the word victim and realized I had accepted that word for others.

It’s generally accepted that people can be victimized by terrorism, civil war, famine, racial strife, political upheaval, crime, and even changing weather patterns. But as I was watching the TV that day, it occurred to me that even as individuals and governments seek better laws, tighter security, peace treaties, and other measures to deal with these circumstances, these proposals, while often helpful, always involve to some extent rearranging material conditions, and therefore can never be the ultimate solution. As a Christian Scientist, I felt a great need to pray more deeply about lasting solutions to uphold safety for everyone.  Read the entire article here.


Trains, planes, automobiles and…arks?

Ah, summer time in Austin, Texas. Are we having fun, yet?

Like many Austinites, you may be ready for a get-away from the heat, from the grind, from school or from work. A summer vacation out of town sure can be inviting. Journeys either near or far beckon us, like an oasis in the desert, sparkling and refreshing and new. Okay, are you ready? Let’s go… with God!

Trips away from the ordinary day-to-day can truly revitalize us, give us a new perspective on our lives, and bring us home with a better attitude and with more peace of mind. I’ve certainly found that very often to be the case. But, on the other hand, stepping out of the comfortably familiar can also often be jarring, cause worry and bring on new challenges that we may be unprepared for. Fortunately,  I find that every trip I go on tends to give me precious opportunities to prove that no matter what would appear, no matter where we would be, we are always still home in the familiar, safe, comfortable, and comforting space that Is our “mobile” home: God’s care, guidance, protection, and affection.

It definitely behooves us to get ourselves grounded before we take wing or wheel. We can actively assert and establish our true stability, the very fact that no matter where we roam, we are settled within the Mind of God, an idea under His watchful care, shepherded along our way, never alone, and always accompanied by a familiar companion:  God’s love shown through His active and available and healing divine Science. The Truth of our being may be infinite, but it can always fit sufficiently in our carry-on! God’s ideas are immediately accessible, and we will never get out of range of those, no matter how unfamiliar the territory seems to be. The angels are always at the ready.

I love Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of “Ark” in Science and Health:

“Safety;…the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter. God and man coexistent and eternal;…the ark indicates temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.” (page 581)

This spiritual definition can be utilized when we embark on any journey. Our “ark” is our car or truck, a train, a plane, a ship. It is whatever transports us forward into life, into blessings, into the revelation of God’s creation seen newly and with grateful joy, and which also protects us along the way. We are coexistent with God, so we never leave Him, never depart from goodness, Love, wisdom, clarity, peace. These preserving qualities are ours wherever we are, just as the new vistas we behold can never truly depart from us either, even when we come home. They are within Mind to be claimed and re-claimed!

On a recent journey, I was able to prove this healing concept of ark, most specifically the “temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.” I had really looked forward to a return visit to Paris. I fell in love with it and the experience I had there almost three years ago, and I felt the time was right and inspired to go back. I had prayed for safety and peace of mind before the trip and had others supporting me with their prayer as well. I felt confident and ready and the trip proved to be even better than I had imagined—the weather was divine, the place we chose to stay was just right, and I actually achieved the miraculous (to me):  I actually GOT AWAY mentally and physically!

As we tearfully but gratefully left the city and the continent and headed back to the United States with Austin (home) as our final destination, I was continuing to pray. Our days and nights in Paris had so naturally led us to unexpected delights, as if God had just said, “No, I think you should turn here, instead of there…Follow me, I know a really sweet spot!….Wait till you see what I’ve created over here!” So, I needed to continue to trust this guidance by my Shepherd/Tour Guide and to know that we would get back to our home pasture safe and sound. In fact, we hadn’t really left it, hadn’t left God’s control, His sanctuary of peace and beauty. We had simply explored it.

Well, I can’t say I completely kept my cool when we arrived in Minneapolis (our connection back to Austin), sailed through customs, only to find that three full terminals in the airport had been shut down completely since that morning due to a power outage. Nothing was moving and lines of distressed passengers swarmed the place. Plus, many areas of the airport were sweltering without the air conditioning running. Argh! I just crossed the ocean, I’m jet-lagged, stiff, smell like a plane and feel like a three-day old rag. No one seemed to know anything, many workers were overwhelmed and rather rude, and all the monitors at the airport still said our departing plane was “on time.” I was about to really lose it. As my family and I paced around and made calls home, I felt the tears of weariness and frustration well up in me. I was afraid I was going to have a melt-down.

And then, I heard a little voice. One of those angels that fit in my carry-on (the one I still had with me) gently caressed me with truth.  It said: You are dwelling in harmony, My harmony. Chaos is not allowed here in spite of appearances to the contrary. You are right here and now in the midst of my harmonious action. Relax and be grateful.

That was it! I calmed down right away and realized that real harmony didn’t come from some particular human outcome I hoped for, but was something that could never be lost and never had been! I was still in the ark, still co-existent with God’s governing Principle. I could trust that and let Him reveal His loving plan.

With that thought things improved quickly. No, the power didn’t come back on, but a light did come on in my thought. I was led very naturally to bypass a line of literally hundreds of people waiting or hoping for some answers (no one really had any at that point) and for rescheduling of flights, and found a special telephone for my airline which gave us immediate access to an agent. She re-booked us for the next morning, gave us very helpful and understanding advice about hotel arrangements, and assured us we were “good to go!” And we were!

We went to a hotel close by with free airport transportation, almost immediately went to sleep, woke up refreshed and ready to go (all of us remarked that it was one of the best sleeps we had ever had!). We were exactly on time to catch the first shuttle back to the airport. It was a beautiful, clear morning. The airport was calm and everyone was very kind. It was like an entirely different place! Our flight was on time, comfortable, and I felt really uplifted, inspired, and ready to get back to my life in Austin with renewed vigor. Some especially vital ideas came to me while on that flight and were shared with my traveling companion. The ark was sailing, and the exaltation had begun! We arrived home timely and were met with flowers and welcoming smiles from our family and friends picking us up.  The weary heaviness of the previous day was gone and our homecoming was strewn with fresh flowers of love!

So, why not take a vacation! Get in that ark and take a break not only from your usual surroundings, but from a belief that we can ever be out of God’s control or that any part of our lives here or far away can be anything less than just right!

Submitted by our guest blogger, Laura Moliter, who is a Christian Science practitioner, writer, and singer-songwriter living in Austin, TX

When All Is Lost

By Barbara Whitewater, Published in The Christian Science Monitor on June 1, 2011

The day after Joplin, Mo., was hit by a huge tornado, I was watching a news report of the damage and of the many lives lost. I heard a man from Joplin tell the reporter that all he felt was gratitude because people were driving from hundreds of miles away to come to help. He was so moved by this outpouring of brotherly love that it made him cry.  Me, too.

I am often moved to tears when all seems lost, and God is found to be right at hand, showing His uninterrupted love through every brave and generous expression of human love. Because God is Love, He never stops loving. It may not always be easy to be convinced of this when a big, bad thing happens. But it is the nature of God to give us the most help when it is most needed. All that is ever really lost is the fear that sometimes God seems like He has abandoned us. When all seems lost, God is found to be “a very present help in trouble,” as promised by the Bible (Ps. 46:1).

In 1992, I was living with my mom and son in south Florida when hurricane Andrew hit. Although our immediate neighborhood suffered minimal damage, just an hour south of us things had not gone so well. The storm turned out to be much stronger than expected.

Watching a television interview with a man whose house had been totally flattened, I got reassuring proof of God’s always present love. The man and his wife were standing in front of what used to be their house, crying. But through their tears, they expressed much gratitude that they had not been hurt. The house and its contents were just replaceable things that, now, seemed not nearly as important as their protection from injury and death.  “Ah,” I thought, “There it is.” There is the loving voice of God speaking louder than the storm.  Read the entire article here.

Safe Travels

At a party recently I shared with a new acquaintance some tips to stay alert and safe while he travels in a South American country this summer.  He had told me of this great opportunity to study in this country and experience travel and culture while he takes classes and furthers his education.  I believed that I had some ideas to help him with his safety concerns.  You see my daughter spent 4 months back packing through South America predominantly in a country with political unrest.

One idea to help him came from her and went something like this: Look around and change directions.  The principle was to be alert of your surroundings and be willing to change your course if you suspected danger. My daughter attested that this message kept her from dangerous situations countless times.

I likened this to the quiet voice that speaks to us all the time.  When we hear this message, it brings peace and comfort-when we obey the message.  I told my new friend that he could listen for this intuitive voice, and even called it an Angel message.  I believe we all hear these messages in the precise way we can understand.   Also it is important to act on the message.  I wanted to reassure him that his safety is not random, left to chance, but a law of sorts to protect us.  He appeared relieved and grateful for these ideas.

As summer approaches and vacations are on the horizon, our safety ideas should be part of our preparations.  Now go and soak up the adventures!

Written by Renee J. F. Sutton who loves traveling anywhere and lives in Austin, Texas


Fighting Wildfires and Fear in Texas with a Rain of Prayer

As wildfires continue to rage across the state of Texas, having already consumed more than one-million acres and left hundreds of homes in ruins, Governor Rick Perry Thursday asked Texans to pray for rain.

Yes, a contingent of raindrops storming in to aid the army of dedicated firefighters would certainly feel like a godsend.  The drought conditions in the state have fueled the flames to a point that they truly seem to have their own evil and unstoppable life, one that rages out of control and without mercy, without any kindness toward the land or toward Texans.

This call by the Governor to pray is certainly a right one, for what but the power of God Himself could truly quench the seemingly unquenchable? And yet, rain may assist in some relieving things, but can it of itself show compassion? Can it reason with the flames? Can it undo what has been already done? A higher Mind is needed.

I’ve really been shocked to see videos and photos and to hear about the level of destruction, of people left without homes and with lost belongings. It’s been easy to get pulled into those stories, to ride the wave of fear and to fan the flames of helplessness and worry, and to feel grateful that I’ve been out of harm’s way. But the picture of despair or even of desperation, of being chased by a monster that moves too fast for us to outrun, is really not what I need to be seeing or attempting to fix. If we believe in the devil, he’ll always be around the corner with another trick up his sleeve, right? Trying to fight a nightmare doesn’t kill it. The solution is to wake up! As we come to know there is no devil, no out of control, destructive, evil force, then we are able, in our reasonable and wakeful state, to draw upon the power that moves mountains, quiets storms, and douses infernos. God.

As I was thinking a bit more about how I could pray about this massive “attack” on our state and its people, I was alerted to the word “animate.” Mary Baker Eddy defines “Creator” as “…the animating divine Principle of all that is real and good.” (Science and Health, page 583: 20-21) To animate, is to give life to, to fill with courage, to inspire to action. Our Creator, God, perfect Love, the Principle of all things, of every element, every creature, every aspect of the real universe grants a life only to that which proclaims, proves and abides by His Principle which is Life. Destructiveness is not of God’s Principle, so it can’t be animated. Fire can warm, bring light, inspire with beauty, purify, renew. It cannot take on a life that is not a quality or intention of the Creator. Every so-called force of nature is controlled by Principle, and in control because of Principle. Fire can give life or sustain it, but it can never destroy life or any aspect of it.

And the same must be true for the winds, the rain, and man. Nature is controlled by divine wisdom. It articulates harmony, beauty, active glory. It expresses God’s qualities. Neither can man be animated by terror, by worry, by desperation, by carelessness, hopelessness, or by evil. He is always given that life which is in harmony with God, therefore abiding in a place of peace, growth, safety, serenity, intelligence, poise, energy, authority, trust, faith, and perfect comfort.

I am utilizing these ideas in combatting in my own thoughts this catastrophic occurrence, knowing and holding to the fact that God’s creative Principle can easily and quickly stamp out unprincipled destructiveness. I am also taking hold of these ideas in my own life and for others in my experience and in the world, remembering that “Perfection does not animate imperfection.” (Science and Health, page 243: 31-32) No disease nor problem can take on a life of its own, growing and moving and developing while seeming to destroy our bodies or our peace of mind. Only that which is right and good is given Life! Only that Principle, God, which governs with control, goodness, and love, has any power over our land, our bodies, or our thoughts.

So, today I am doing my duty as a Texan and praying for rain– the refreshing and natural shower of Love’s animating, uplifting, and saving grace!

Laura Moliter is a Christian Science practitioner, writer, and singer-songwriter living in Austin, TX

Time to Start Settling for More

Getting more out of life is a desire most of us have. There are websites and books that espouse the power of positive thinking, goal setting, visioning and other approaches to having a healthier, happier, more prosperous and fuller life.

Many people find themselves challenged with settling for less, however. Coping, hanging in there, just getting through the day can become a way of thinking that becomes a way of life. While I have found some interesting and inspiring ideas in self-help resources, I find that the impact is limited and not lasting. Perhaps surprisingly, I find the best resources for expanding my vision, setting high goals, being productive and feeling hopeful are The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Why? Because the ideas and inspiration I get from these books work. The results last. The outcomes are reliable, life-changing, uplifting and permanent.

When I was a young adult, I would experience periods of depression and a general expectation that, even if things seemed to be going well at the moment,  something bad was going to happen. While functional in my job, I was taking medications for depression, allergies, stomach problems and a host of other ailments. I was engaged in questionable relationships and feeling inadequate and incomplete. None of the medications or other strategies that I was using changed my health or lifted me out of the mental and emotional bondage I felt I was in. None of them made me happy or more secure.

After being in this condition for a number of years, I worked on a project with a woman who was happy, confident and who had a whole different way of approaching physical, emotional, financial and personal challenges. She shared casually that she was a Christian, a Christian Scientist, and that through this practice she had a reliable form of health care, a source of ideas for her personal and professional life and a solid foundation for growth and abundant living. To say that I was skeptical and highly critical is a HUGE understatement. I couldn’t believe that anyone could be relieved, let alone fully healed, of the things I was facing. I started asking questions and we didn’t stop talking until late that night. (That was the first change I noticed. I began to feel some hope that maybe there was a solution beyond just coping.) I continued interrogating her and found that these were explanations of how prayer heals and how God’s government works that made sense to me. And she shared many examples from her life and documented cases of many others’ lives where all sorts of problems had been overcome through prayer.

The overarching idea that stayed with me was that God was good, that I was good and that I didn’t have to settle for less than good. She told me that God was actually knowable like the Bible says. Getting to know God, good, through reading these books, would not only help me but heal me. She loaned me a copy of these two books with the promise that there were answers in them better than the answers I had tried.

That was a number of years ago and I have never been disappointed with the healing results I have gotten reading The Bible and Science and Health. I stopped settling for less, for just coping, and began experiencing so much more of what life has to offer. I will always be grateful to that friend for sharing these books with me.

Written by guest blogger Joan Lazarus who lives in Austin TX.

Divine Love and a song chase seasonal allergies away

By Laura Moliter

Austin, Texas.  Music capital of the world. Great quality of life. Mild climate and sunny skies. Beautiful and inviting surroundings for recreation. A wonderful place to raise a family. Allergy capital of the world.

One of these things is not like the other!

Our city, Austin, repeatedly ranks top ten in the country in so many categories. People swarm to move here, and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s definitely an easy place to like and has no want for fans. But there is always that little alert that seems to come with the invitation to be a part of the Austin family: “Look out for the allergies! They are wicked! If they don’t get you right away, don’t get too comfortable. They will!”

Well, that’s kind of a mood breaker, isn’t it? Are we being set up for trouble, just opening that door wide for eventual problems, accepting them as a fact of life in this awesome city, as a necessary evil? Are we either bracing ourselves for an onslaught of personal challenges, small or large, or at the very least expecting others around us to suffer or feeling sorry for them when they seem to be sneezing, coughing, and sniffling through certain seasons?

Well, I say enough is enough! I’m now really ready to take that item off our list of Austin characteristics and add some refreshing new mottos and marks of distinction. How about these:  Austin, Texas–Atmosphere Divine; Austin, Texas–Take a deep breath, relish the aroma of natural goodness, and smile!

When I came to Austin for the first time to go to college back in the late 1980s, I immediately fell in love with city’s charms, its eccentricities, its amusing weirdness, and its glorious beauty. It was my new home without a moment’s hesitation.  I found something so right and satisfying about the air and its fresh scents and warm and inviting way. Even the hot summers somehow simply seemed to only be a wonderful expression of Austin’s warm and sunny embrace.

Then one day the romance died. Or at least the bloom was off the rose, so to speak.  I had moved away for a few years. After I had been back a year or so with gratitude to be “home,” a new acquaintance came into my life, much to my annoyance: his name was Cedar Fever. Gosh, I had felt so superior, so exempt, so protected from such a thing. I’m not an “allergy person,” I thought, “I’m a Christian Scientist. And a Yankee! I’ve endured Wisconsin winters and New York City’s bluster. I’m untouchable by this silly stuff.”

Well, did I end up eating crow or what? And I kind of felt like I was literally eating it, to be honest! The experience was awful.

That was my original bout with cedar fever several years ago, and while it was eventually conquered by prayer (and endurance!), it tortured me for several long weeks. I remember on that New Year’s Eve going out to a fancy dinner with my family, dressed to the nines, with my eyes gummed together so I could barely open them, croaking all the way. Happy New Year! Whoopee!

Again, I had certainly diligently prayed about it, found inspiration, kept my practice going in spite of the loss of my voice for period of time, and emerged victorious in the end. A few years went by and while I’d get a little scratchy feeling in my throat once in a while, the suggestion got beaten back very quickly by acknowledging God’s power over all, and I was back to my sunny Austin business.

Well, this year, the arrogant cedar came back for a rematch. After having just helped a family member conquer her short-lived bout with this aggressive demon, I found myself croaking and sniffing, sleeping little and feeling depleted and disappointed. On top of it all (and perhaps most challenging to me) I had an upcoming performance with a band that I sing with, a special surprise for some family members who were in town briefly. Other invitees included a bunch of friends, with the list of expected attendees continuing to grow along with my fear. It was a very special event, and I wanted it to be just right.  The pressure was on!

Well, I immediately starting praying about it, acknowledging the rightness of the activity, and my exemption from a belief that “this atmosphere of mortal mind [could] be destructive to morals and health when it is opposed promptly and persistently by Christian Science.” (Science and Health 273: 31-1) As rehearsals and the performance came closer, I called a practitioner to help support me. She eased my fear, and reminded me that breath and breathing was inspiration, and letting go. That seemed important. Especially the “letting go” part. I started to gain some mental freedom, and enough physical freedom to croak through a rehearsal. I thanked God and then went back to fretting about the show, tossing and turning to find comfort in the night, and along the way gratefully receiving inspiration and assurances that in spite of appearances, all was well. I kept trying to “let go.” The “trying” part kind of defeated the purpose!

On the day of the performance, I had one of my busiest practice days. I was almost constantly on the phone, sharing truths with those in need, praying with them, and enjoying every energizing moment of it! I was grateful that MY practitioner was continuing to support me, and that my family members—one who was hosting the event and another who was my singing partner–remained absolutely confident that I would nail it! Okay, I think I can let go now.

Performance time came. I had hardly sung in days. I had no idea what to expect, but I was mentally ready, charged up, grateful to God, for the work that kept me voicing Truth all day long, and countless miles away from complaint, excuses, and fear.

The first notes that came out as I sang the first song were lovely and free! I felt like I was listening and not singing at all, just hearing God’s approving and tender and powerful voice. Victory! The rest of the show only got better—more joyous, more inspired, and more free.  I was elated, and so grateful that my only struggle was trying not to cry mid-song for the sheer love of God’s goodness and power.  I recognized as I was singing and looking back later, that the love in the room, the appreciation for being there, was the reflected love of God, and it, along with that love I had felt all day in the work that I was doing for others, absolutely negated the allergy and its aggressiveness. Love just cancelled it out. It was a true atmosphere divine. Love was the motive and the recipient. Love was the reason and the expression. Divine Love had its day and its way!

Well, that was the end of the allergy, although the cedar count has seemed to go up and down again in this wonderful town of ours. I just sang it away with praise!

I want to mention how thankful I am, too, that the readings in church on the Wednesday before our Thursday performance were right on target. God was definitely lining all things up for a significant healing. The citations handled the very suggestion confronting our city and me, and reminded me that the breath of the Almighty is the very substance of life, all life. It is invariable and not localized. It’s neither confined to a place nor reliant on a physical structure or mechanism for proper expression.

No percentages and readouts and media predictions can have more power than God and His presence, action, and Love. The report from heaven is consistently heavenly! And we are always dwelling there– not in a city with some necessary evil, but in the city of God, always safe, comfortable, satisfying. I love that I was able to celebrate this abiding truth in song, and I intend to keep on singing! Won’t you join me, Austin, Texas?

Laura Moliter is a practitioner, writer, and singer-songwriter living in Austin, TX.

News of Healing


The following testimonials of healing are from

Knee pain healed

Several years ago I invited my ten-year-old grandson to come along for a visit to Rome. He was at that time already an “expert” on Roman history, so we had to visit every historic site, and the best way to get to know a city is by walking. read

Healed of internal hemorrhaging and tooth pain

More than 20 years ago, I was troubled with a condition of internal pain and hemorrhaging, perhaps much like what the woman in the Bible who had “an issue of blood” might have been experiencing (see Mark 5:25–34). This was not a constant condition, but it would happen frequently, and I was sometimes very fearful. read

God’s healing presence

Several months ago, as I was on a transatlantic flight, I was confronted with severe sinus pressure. The pain was incredibly intense. I had no idea how I was even going to make it through the rest of the flight, even though we were almost there. read

A wonderful start to the holiday


Wart on son’s finger healed

Recently, while sorting through a folder I’d saved of cards, letters, and drawings from my children, I found this note, written by my son in wonderful childlike handwriting, from when he was eight years old: “Dear Mom, thanks for healing my wart and other things we healed by Christian Science. I love you.” read

Freedom from menstrual pain

About a year ago, I woke up and was in so much pain I couldn’t even move. This seemed to be related to my monthly menstrual cycle. Every month, I’d just sort of ignored some discomfort, but this was unbearable, unlike anything I’d experienced before. read

Leg pain healed

One bright winter morning I eagerly bundled up to take a brisk walk through my neighborhood. As I headed out, pain surged through one leg from top to bottom, making me a little unsteady on my feet. read

Foot injury healed quickly

During a morning walk with a neighbor several years ago, one of my feet just seemed to give out. My neighbor carefully helped me up from the ground. A passage in Science and Health immediately came to me. read

Grief healed—‘wrapped up in love’

I’m learning that there is never a void in God’s kingdom. All space is already filled, and every need is met through precious moments of communion with God. We can find peace and healings right in the midst of adversity. read

Back and rib pain healed

Earlier this summer, while concerned with work and personal responsibilities, I found myself trying to ignore a nagging discomfort in the side of my back. What first appeared as an annoying ache morphed into a burning sensation in my rib cage as well. read